Closed for this Season.

Venue and Rider Safety

Health and Safety:

To ensure the safety of patrons and staff, some activities may enforce an age, height, weight limits and/or clothing requirements.

Patrons with medical conditions are responsible for assessing whether they can participate. You must seek medical advice if uncertain.

Patrons with casts, footwear, eyewear or any hard or sharp objects are not permitted on any water slides and may be restricted on certain rides. If uncertain of the restrictions for each ride, please ask staff or check signs prior to participating.

In accordance with health, safety and hygiene considerations, all children who are not toilet-trained and customers with incontinence problems are required to wear an approved waterproof aqua nappy whilst using aquatic activities.

Supervision and responsibility:

  • All children under the age of 14 years be accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for their care and conduct whilst on the premises.

As a guardian it is your responsibility to assess the swimming abilities and limitations of children under your care.

The owners and operators of the premises (Big Splash Waterpark) are not liable for and you irrevocable release them from any liability for death, personal injury, property loss or damage arising from whatsoever (including the negligence of staff to the fullest extent permitted by law) whilst you are on these premises.

Photography, movies or videos:

Photography, movies or videos taken by you must be for your own personal use and enjoyment and not for commercial purpose (must be of your own family only).

No flash photography is allowed in any attraction.

You agree that we may use any photographs that we may take of you for our commercial purposes without payment.

Right to Search:

Under the terms and conditions of your entry, we reserve the right to search any item or person entering the facility if any illegal activity is suspected. 

Failure to comply with senior staff directions will result in your access to facility being revoked.

Prohibited Acts or Items:

The following items and acts are prohibited within Big Splash Waterpark. 

• No commercially prepared food and drinks (no Costco, Subway Pizza Hut, etc.) 

• No alcohol, drugs or other illicit substances. 

• No weapon or item designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. 

• No smoking, vaping or use of similar products. 

• No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller-skates, or similar equipment. 

• No glass, or similar products that may shatter or create sharps hazard.

 • No pets or animals, excluding licenced companion dogs and seeing eye dogs. 

• No persons under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other illicit substances. 

• No unruly behaviour that may affect the enjoyment and safety of others.

 • No nudity or lude acts. 

• Unauthorised photography and videoing of patrons or staff. 

• Other acts or items not clearly defined, at the discretion of management.